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Guidance for Using Online Services

By using our online services you can:

Please click here to e-mail a request for an online registration letter. Please advise us whether you would like to collect the letter from Keynsham or Saltford. You will be advised by e-mail (can take up to 2 weeks) when your letter is ready for collection at the Practice.

Once you have a username and Password please click on the following link:


Guidance on How to Use the Online facilities

Please ensure you read the sections below for guidance on how to use the on-line facilities before use.


On-Line Appointment Booking
All appointments shown on the on-line system are for routine appointments at 10 minute intervals.

When you select to book an appointment, you will be shown all available routine appointments in date order detailed by GP or Minor Illness Nurse and by venue (Keynsham or Saltford Surgery). Please see section on Senior Nurses and the conditions they can see.

Once you select an appointment time, you will be prompted for a reason for the appointment, and it would be helpful if you could complete this box wherever possible.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please either cancel on-line, or call the surgery on 0117 986 5117 (Keynsham) or 01225 873245 (Saltford).

Urgent Appointments
The surgery retains urgent same day appointments which are not available to book on-line.

These urgent appointments are released at 8am and 2pm each day, and you should call 0117 986 5117 (Keynsham) or 01225 873245 (Saltford) for an appointment. Please note that these appointments are for urgent same day cases only.

On-Line Prescription Requests
When you log on to the secure site, and follow the link for prescriptions, you will be presented with a list of medication that you can request as a repeat items along with the date that this was last issued to you.

To select the item, simply click in the box to the left of the item, so that a tick is shown.

At the bottom of the page, there is a text box for any message you wish to accompany your prescription request. This box should be used for example, if you would like to have your prescription sent directly to a Pharmacy. We are able to send your prescription directly to the following pharmacies only:

  • Boots, Keynsham
  • Large Lloyds, Keynsham
  • Small Lloyds, Health park, Keynsham
  • Day Lewis, Saltford
  • Co-operative Pharmacy, Ashmead lane, Saltford
  • Asda Supermarket, Longwell Green
  • Boots, Longwell Green

Please type 'Collect at surgery' (specify either Keynsham or Saltford) if you wish to collect the script from the surgery.

Please then click to Make Request and details of the requested items will be repeated back to you. Please follow on-line instructions.

As with normal repeat prescription requests, if you are due a medication review, or need an appointment before the prescription can be issued, or have made excess requests for medication, you will be notified by a Receptionist.

On-Line Change of Contact Details
You can change details of your address, and phone numbers on-line. Please note area covered by the Practice (click here to see map), and that only patients living in this area can remain registered.

Patients are now able to view their “Summary Care Record” (SCR) online. This contains Allergies & Adverse Reactions, Acute Medications in the last 12 months, and Current Repeat Medications, exactly as stored on your National Spine record. This is the information which may be accessed by emergency services such as A&E (with your consent).

For patients who have opted out of the SCR this will be blank. During 2015 there may be more information made available to patients online as our clinical software suppliers develop the technology further.


Conditions of Use
Please ensure you keep your on-line access codes and passwords secret. Please note that the surgery is able to withdraw your access from on-line services at any time. Should your use of the system be deemed inappropriate, such as excess requests, your on-line access will be irrevocably withdrawn.

If you are unable to attend any appointment booked on-line, please cancel on-line or inform the surgery immediately by calling: 0117 986 5117 (Keynsham) or 01225 873245 (Saltford)

Thank you for your co-operation.


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