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How do I make an appointment ?

To make an appointment with a doctor or Practice nurse please telephone:

Keynsham 0117 986 5117 or Saltford 01225 873245

8am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Alternatively you can book appointments online.

For those wanting same day urgent appointments we now operate a triage system, where the receptionist takes your number and then a senior nurse or doctor rings you back. This allows us to deal with your request in the most appropriate and safe way.

Our experienced nursing team have specialist training in minor illness, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and family planning. Where appropriate you may be offered or may choose a nurse appointment rather than seeing a doctor. Please see the list of conditions our minor illness nurse can deal with. We offer pre-booked appointments (usually approx 60% of total appointments) to enable patients to organise their lives, but keep the remainder available for emergencies and sudden illness. If you do not work please leave the early morning and late evening appointments for those who work. Please read the section on How to get the most out of my appointment ?

Doctor timetable

Doctor's Timetable

It should be noted that this timetable may change slightly to account for Doctors' annual and study leave.


How do I get the most out of my appointment ?

The following points will help you to get the most out of the service we provide and will greatly help us.

Keep your appointment

Around 250 appointments are wasted each month because patients book an appointment and then simply fail to turn up! This is a terrible waste of our time and contributes significantly to waiting times. Every day we have patients who can take cancelled appointments provided you cancel your appointment and let us know within a reasonable time.

One person per appointment

It may be tempting to ask the Doctor to see another patient during your appointment (e.g. accompanying child/spouse). Much as we would like to help, please remember that each appointment lasts 10 minutes. GPs are already very stretched having to deal with your problem in only 10 minutes as it is and GPs are currently campaigning to be given the resources to have more time with their patients. The only reason that appointments are 10 minutes long is to balance supply and demand. Longer consultations would lead to longer waiting times (we could not see as many patients per day). If we have to see an additional patient during your appointment, it gives us only 5 minutes to deal with your problem - and that is unreasonable for both doctor and patient. If the extra patient is an absolute emergency, please let the reception staff know upon arrival and the emergency case will be slotted in with the first available doctor.

Do you need a longer appointment?

If your problem is more complicated or you think you may need longer than 10 minutes, then please feel free to book a double appointment. Female patients who may have been advised, or anticipate, an internal examination or smear should book a double appointment. (However, most routine smears are done by the nurses, not the Doctors)

Do you need to see the doctor at all?

We are lucky enough to have two minor illness nurses (Sisters Karen Kocinski and Angela Harris) who have undertaken special training to deal with a wide range of minor illnesses (Please see the list of conditions they can deal with) You will often be able to get an earlier appointment with them. The other nurses also perform many duties e.g. vaccinations and dressings.

If you want to find out the date of your hospital appointment it is best either to phone the hospital directly or speak to one of our medical secretaries (Julia or Jayne).

Pharmacists also provide a very useful, and often overlooked, service to patients. They are qualified to advise on many different treatments that you may try before seeing the doctor. They are an invaluable source of information and advice for treatment of simple sore throats and colds.

Please try not to bring a long list of problems to the doctor

If there are several things that are worrying you, do mention them but if the doctor feels they are not linked together, he or she might ask you to come back another time for some of the problems.

Try to be concise and to the point

You might want to jot down a few points on a piece of paper before you come to see us. Over 90% of the information gained in making a diagnosis comes from the symptoms given to us and not the examination, as people often think. If you can give us an accurate and concise history, it makes our job much easier.


How do I request a repeat prescription ?

All our repeat prescriptions are on computer and you will be given a request slip listing medications you are allowed to order without seeing a doctor. Requests can be made by ticking which items you require, your preferred chemist and then handing the slip into the prescription desk, or sending it in by post with a stamped addressed envelope. You can also request your repeat prescription online. You will be allowed to do this until you reach your medication review date as shown on the repeat prescription slip. At this point you will need to have your medication reviewed by your doctor so please make an appointment. If you have any queries about your repeat prescription you can call 0117 916 1214 and it is open from 10am to 12.30pm each weekday, but please note this line is not for ordering repeat prescriptions.

Please be careful about dosage of the drugs and check them on your repeat prescription slip. Also note you will not be allowed to request drugs which are not on your repeat prescription. You will be dispensed your usual quantity of drugs as shown on your repeat prescription.

The standard amount of medication dispensed is for 2 months. Occasionally, your doctor may decide for safety reasons that only 1 month of medications will be issued. Patients who have difficulty knowing how to take their tablets can discuss this with their pharmacist.

Prescription charges

The current cost of a prescription is £8.20. You may be exempt depending on your circumstances. You can buy a prepayment certificate lasting 3 months (£29.10) or lasting 1 year (£104). This is useful if you have a number of regular items and are not exempt from charges as all your prescriptions would be free with the certificate. Get more information and apply on-line at Prescription Exemptions. Follow the link halfway down the page for details on how to apply.

There is considerable wastage of NHS resources every year because of unnecessary requests for more medication. Please only request medication that you are actually using and need and avoid hoarding. Do discuss your medication at any time with your pharmacist, nurse or doctor if you are uncertain about whether you do need it.


How do I request a Home Visit ?

We can usually deal with problems better at a surgery appointment. Home visits take about four times as long as normal appointments and are for patients who are housebound because of their medical condition. If you think you need a home visit please call as early as possible (before 11am).

The doctors may phone you back before they come, to make sure they are the best person to see you. Sometimes other health professionals like district nurses may be more appropriate. Please note that we are usually able to examine patients better and can do more tests in the Practice.


How do I register ?

Please visit the surgery to register, preferably in the afternoon when we are not so busy. You will need to bring with you your medical card, if you have one, updated with your new address and telephone number. If you do not have a medical card you will be required to complete a registration form, which will require your last full home address and name and address of your last GP.

Please download, print off and fill in the following forms prior to your visit, to make the registration process quicker for you.

Reception can supply you with a practice brochure and give you a brief description of the Practice. We like to offer all new patients an appointment, so we can meet each other, and learn more about your medical history.

Entitlement to NHS GP services is granted to UK permanent residents or temporary residents who have a settled purpose for more than 6 months eg a University course or a work permit exceeding 6 months.

We will need to see photo identification (preferably a passport, but photo driving licence is acceptable) plus evidence of residence for more than 6 months (eg a utility bill in your name, or a tenancy agreement) and for overseas visitors evidence of your right to study or work for more than 6 months (eg confirmation of university place). Please bring these with you when you come to register.


Am I living within the practice area ?

Please click here to find out.


How do I request a sick note?

The rules on sick notes are:

  • For the first three days of an illness your employer does not legally require any sick notes.
  • For days 4, 5, 6 and 7 you can give your employers a Self Certificate sick note, This is a form you complete and does not require a doctor's opinion.
  • For any illness over 7 days long you will need a doctor's note.

If your employer wants a doctor's note for a period of illness less than a week we are not obliged to issue any certificate. In special circumstances we can issue a private sick note (please see list of charges)

For illnesses and injuries which have involved the hospital or A&E (such as a broken wrist) we are able to use Consultant letters as proof of illness and can in many cases safely give you a sick note without you having to come into the surgery. The hospital wards and A&E can issue you with a sick note if you ask them at the time.

If you have a long term illness we are often able to give you a sick note from your records without you having to come into the surgery to be seen.

Further help and information:
DWP - statutory sick pay
HM Revenue & Customs - self certification form SC2


How do I find the surgery ?

Please click on the surgery you wish to find
Keynsham surgery
Saltford surgery


How do I find out test results?

How do I find out test results?

Please wait for the following periods before ringing (on 0117 9862343, option 2) for a result;

  • Blood test (1 week)
  • Urine specimen or swab (10 days)
  • X-rays (2 weeks)
  • Sexual health swabs (3 weeks)
  • Cervical smear (6 weeks)
  • Samples taken at minor surgery (4 weeks)

It is your responsibility to check your blood results. Please do not assume that because we haven't phoned you, the result is normal

If any of your contact details have changed please let us know (you can do this also online).


How do I give feedback (comments, suggestions and complaints) ?

We have always stressed the importance of communication. What we perhaps stress less often is the two-way nature of the process. We believe that the better we understand your needs, the better service we are able to provide. Your comments, positive as well as negative, are vital to us.

In addition to comments on what is currently happening, we welcome comments on what might be. Of course we are always time and cost-limited, but is there anything you would want us to try to include in the future? Please feel free to write to, or email John Moon, the Practice Manager.

Inevitably in any large and busy organisation there will be things that don't work as well as they might. No system is ever perfect. Like any quality organisation, we are determined to do our best to rectify any short-coming and to try to ensure it cannot happen again. For this we need your help. If you wish to make a complaint please discuss it with John Moon, the Practice Manager either in person, by phone, by fax or by email and let us try to produce the solution. Complaints forms are kept at reception in the surgery. We also keep "problem" forms for when you do not want to make a formal complaint but want to draw our attention to a problem and possibly suggest a solution. Complaints will be accepted and investigated even if anonymous, but we prefer to have the details of the complainant so that we can respond to individuals and report back the results of our investigations and any changes we plan to make as a result. We hope that together we can create the best GP Surgery for us all.


How do I join your list from another local Practice ?

If you wish to join our list from another local practice for any reason please make an appointment with us to discuss this. This will give you an opportunity to decide whether it is in your best interests to change practices.


Change my contact details ?

Please do this either online or by telephoning or writing to the Practice.


How do I download the practice leaflet ?

Click here to download our Practice Leaflet


How do I download the latest practice newsletter ?

Click here to download our Summer 2017 Newsletter


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