Patient Participation Group

The St Augustine’s Patient Participation Group (PLG) held its first meeting in July 2006 and aims to meet on average every 10 weeks. The group is made up of patients who responded to a request for volunteers who wished to discuss a broad range of problems faced by a modern General Practice and take part in developing solutions to those problems. Volunteers were asked to consider if they could represent the views of a wide section of patients and not use the group as an opportunity to further personal aims for preferential healthcare.

The practice also aims to provide 3 members of staff at each meeting where possible, which will include a manager, and 2 other team members who might be doctors, nurses or admin staff.

The agendas are made up of a mixture of information and discussion items. The information items are designed to keep the patient members updated regarding the workings of the Practice, and aware of changes which are taking place in the NHS in a much more balanced way than is given by media sound-bites. The discussion items invite the patient members to give their views and influence the way the Practice works now, or how it responds to future changes in the NHS.

If you would like to join please complete our online registration form: