St Augustine’s Surgery has been committed to non-commercial research work for many years, and particularly since 2000. It is unusual for a practice to be actively involved in this type of research to this extent. We do it, not only to further medical knowledge, but also to help maintain the dynamic and enquiring team spirit at St Augustine’s.

Collaboration with Universities

St Augustine’s has ‘hosted’ many studies organised by the Medical Research Council, Bristol University, University of Bath and elsewhere. This usually involves recruiting patients to studies on behalf of the lead institutions. Recently, we have collaborated in this way for research into management of eczema in children, treatment options in depression and detection of serious complications of psoriasis. We have also supported and advised academic researchers and postgraduate students on the design and conduct of research in primary care.

The Research Team

Dr Edward Fletcher continues as research lead with additional support from other members of the practice team. Of course, patients are the key team members in our research work. We are very grateful to all those patients who have already helped us with research projects. As a patient you may be approached to participate in a study and your co-operation will be very much appreciated. However if you don’t wish to take part that decision is respected and your medical care will not be affected in any way.